January 7, 2006

Wanna know a secret?

Posted in Animals, Parrots at 7:48 pm by lilitu93

Wanna know a secret?

Originally uploaded by lilitu93.

Our cockatiel Vic gets to know his new chum.



  1. Leo said,


    It is a cute bird but my cat wants to catch it.

    Best wishes

  2. lilitu93 said,

    Thanks! Our cat is actually a bit scared of our birds. Not this one, but Fred, since she’s confused by a bird that looks like prey but doesn’t act like it!

    She’s more jealous of the attention they get rather than interested in hunting them.

  3. I disagree with Valeri. I think that it is worth its weight now matter how much it costs. Being one up on the next guy always has a price tag, but truthfully, its invaluable. Well put, btw.

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