About Ramblin’ Rosen

Ramblin’ Rosen is the personal blog of Renée Rosen-Wakeford. I used to host WordPress on my own site, but I became tired of having to maintain the software myself, so I decided to move over to WordPress.com.

About me: I’m a thirty-something American, but I currently live in England with one husband, one cat and two cockatiels. My day job involves web design and user interface design. I’m a musician, and my primary instrument is violin. Currently I play electric violin in Sol Invictus and am working on my own solo project.

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  1. Gypsy Rose said,

    Hi I just flew in on a pigeon google to see your Pidge Cam. Sorry to hear about your loss… I enjoyed reading your blog, looks like we have some things in common.
    I am a Katrina evacuee from New Orleans now in LA photographing pigeons on my balcony. I hope you will stop by to see me at MySpace and YouTube.
    Have a great 2007!

  2. Markanthony said,

    Hi, i like your page, i’m 27 from canada and have been following lilith since i was 16. she is a major part of my life and i have people like yourself to thank for making cool webpages and places to turn in times of questions. hey i have 2 cockatiels! doesn’t the cat ever try to get at them?

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